2019 Genesee County Dog Licenses will be available December 1, 2018.

The renewal month will coincide with the month of the rabies vaccination, expiring each year on the vaccination date.

At that time, the owner has the option to purchase a one (1) year or three (3) year license depending on the rabies vaccination expiration.

The three year licenses are only available to those who are at the beginning of their three year rabies vaccination. All others must purchase a one year until the start of a new three year vaccination.


In addition to the schedule, the fees have also been changed:

  • A spayed/neutered pet will be $10 for one year; $25 for a three year.
  • A male/female will be $30 for one year; $80 for a three year.
  • The delinquent fee will be $50 for one year; $100 for three years, regardless if the pet is altered or unaltered. Delinquent licenses will only be available at Animal Control.

On a monthly basis, pre-printed applications will be mailed out 30 days before the month of the rabies vaccine expiration date, yearly. The customer will then have the month before, the month of, and the month after to purchase a license. Failure to purchase a license for their pet will result in the delinquent fee

Pre-printed applications are NOT required to purchase a license. Licenses can be purchased with proof of a current rabies vaccination & proof if the pet has been spayed/neutered.

Please contact the Genesee County Treasurer’s Office at (810) 257-3054 or Genesee County Animal Control at (810) 732-1660